In  Dolman Miniatures  begin a new adventure... Dolman Fantasy.

We started this new project surrounded by a team of Premier International Sculptors as Boris Joanovic, Caio Cesar, Fábio Paiva and the invaluable help of Diego Arenales.

With many years of experience in the world of arts, as well as amateur and professional, we will do our best to make attractive and high quality figures to satisfy the most demanding collector.
To make these sculptures we will join the art and love for the work of our designers with the most advanced technology in 3D printing and more leading companies in this sector.

The casting will be held in polyurethane resin and white metal, combining the best qualities of both materials. The topics will cover will be very varied: science fiction, comic, literature, film, music etc, figures and busts have different scales.

The Dolman Fantasy Team hopes all the figures resulting from our hard work and passion will please you all the fans with this lovely hobby.